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How do I avoid getting into trouble
for using Essay Heaven?

  Easy! "Trouble" happens when a student doesn't cite our company as a source in their paper! Plagiarism is when you "re-use" the ideas of another author (such as the author of a magazine article, a book, or an essay sold here) and do not cite that author as the original source. You have to understand that the rules require that you not only write your own completely original essay, but that you also cite Essay Heaven as one of your sources for your own work. All of our tutorial, sample essays are published globally via the Internet and are easily available to anyone using a web browser. You must properly attribute any ideas taken from our highly-visible essays when writing your own essay. If you are not completely sure how to cite Essay Heaven, ask us in an email or check with your instructor! To paraphrase an old song -- "you won’t get to heaven if you steal my work!"

How should students use these essays?

  One of the best ways to take advantage of an essay from Essay Heaven is to use it as a research tool and guide in preparing a students own unique report. For example, if a student has had to struggle to even find information on a particular topic, any of the relevant essays at Essay Heaven can be of assistance in providing numerous resources and research that can be used in the development of the student’s paper. We recommend that a student download an essay from and take advantage of the opportunity to review dozens of quality sources all compiled into one, concise document. In other words, the student can be learning about the topic rather than spending hours trying to just find information about it.

  Of course, even students who already have a great deal of research on their topic can benefit from the use of our essays as models and examples. Properly supporting a stated thesis or performing a critical analysis is essential in presenting a compelling argument or viewpoint on a topic. Learning by example is a classic method of instruction that helps guide students in the right direction for completing an important essay.

What guarantees do you offer?

  If you purchase a customized essay, we guarantee that our research will match the specifications at the time that you place the order  ...or we’ll revise it at no additional charge!! does not offer any refunds on either customized essays or essays on-file. As stated, we will revise any customized essay to better match your specifications and we will allow you to review one page from any existing essay before ordering it . . . but all sales are final and can neither be canceled nor voided.


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